1. Sync/Glitch - Datasette. From FZ: Side F, a remix album of the 2012 videogame FEZ. (2013).

    source: Bandcamp
  1. Possibly a remix, demake or unreleased song from the 2012 videogame FEZ. This video, the only known source of this song, was released by a youtube user called ‘OWL EFFIGY’.

    OWL EFFIGY posted secrets that have only just been found cryptic comments onto less popular let’s play videos of the game, leading some players to suspect it is Phil Fish, the game’s artist and creator, in disguise.

    This video features elements currently unseen in the game, particularly an altered version of the game’s protagonist, Gomez, in black with red eyes and no hat.

    EDIT: Miscommunication there, sorry. OWL EFFIGY didn’t post anything new before it was discovered by other people, plus the song is actually a slightly altered version Zoetrope by Boards of Canada, so it is not related to FEZ’s soundtrack.

  1. Another musical interpretation from ‘OWL EFFIGY’, one again depicting an inverted colour version of Gomez and a level that hasn’t been found in the game yet.

  1. From FEZ: Side Z. Purchase from: [link].

    Sorry for all the FEZ-related posts lately, It’s just that there are some awesome tunes coming from this neck of the woods. I’ll balance it out :).

    source: Bandcamp
  1. Zoetrope - Boards of Canada. From In A Beautiful Place Out in The Country. (2000).

    Lol, some evidence that Phil Fish wasn’t responsible for OWL EFFIGY. Despite some parallels in sound to the FEZ soundtrack, the music to one of the videos I posted was in fact a slightly altered version of this song.